WWF et Gabe Grown pour l’agriculture régénérative

Une vidéo inspirante tournée par le WWF International, avec Gabe Brown, qui pratique l’agriculture régénérative dans le nord du Dakota, aux USA.

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Healthy soil is essential to the future of food production but our planet is losing 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil every year.

North Dakota farmer Gabe Brown practices regenerative farming which includes principles and practices to improve soil and promote diversity. By planting a mix of crops, using minimal chemicals, and letting animals graze freely, his family farm is thriving and so are the lands around it.

As part of the #OurPlanet initiative we’ve collaborated with the World Economic Forum to show what’s possible when people try to find new ways of tackling climate change and restoring nature. Stay tuned as each week we’ll be bringing you a new inspirational story !

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