La semelle de travail illustrée par le rhizotron

Forum for the Future of Agriculture ; février 2015

Plowing can make the soil easier to wash away in times of rain, and the weight of tilling machines can further contribute to soil compaction, causing water to puddle on the soil’s surface, not able to soak into the topsoil where it’s needed. Compaction can also reduce the number of organisms living in the soil, including earthworms, which are an indication of healthy soil. Increasingly, growers around the world are turning to soil conservation methods that favor reduced tillage or no-till methods to keep soil healthier, reduce erosion, and provide stable or higher yield.

La vidéo compare le développement racinaire d’un végétal dans un profil de sol continu et dans un profil stratifié par une compaction.

Le rhizotron, explication de texte :